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State of the Union

By admin On July 7, 2010 Under Reports

Today, July 7, 2010 I begin piecing together world events and have come to this conclusion, We are not, as a nation going to get out of this recession if we don’t begin to go outside our

For the past two years, the United States has poured trillions of dollars into the economy. We had bank bailouts worldwide, countries going into bankruptcy, states looking for more autonomy and the Governements taking over more control.

We are headed in the wrong direction. The only way for us as a nation, as a world is to relax, take a deep breath and as indivuals take control of the situation. When we, as individuals all agree to do the same thing at the same time, we have the power to take control and turn this economy around. The common task we must all agree to do is: Spend a little more. Buy they something you were holding off on. Put OUR money back into circulation and make this river flow again.
I vote to act, take control and make this change happen. I choose to go out and live my life, buy what I need, visit places I want and put money, my money, NOT the Govts money back into the economy. This is how we will turn this nation around, by going out and spend some money, but relinquishing some of what we’ve been holding on to.

We as citizen of the United States of America must Unite and stand with conviction saying, I will not stand idle, I will contribute towards making us strong again. I will continue to invest in myself, my family and my nation. I will begin to buy again and invest in my nation.

The first round of monetary stimulas, incentives on items like car and home provided by the Govt. work while they existed, but in June 2010, when the incentives stopped, home sale and car sales dropped like a rock. The people began expecting these incentives and if they didn’t get them, they would stop buying. In a way, the people just received some of their tax dollars returned to them, in the form of incentives. How long and how much can the Govt. return to the people and how much should the people receive before it is enough and it’s time for the system to return to normalcy? It is time to return to normalcy, it is time to stop receiving and begin giving. We the people must begin spending again. This is how we begin to gain momentum. Once started and the good from it come to light, you will begin to feel better and begin to open up some more. Before you know it, the train is running. Where it will lead? That is what we should be focused on spending time on. We’ll get there.

Go out and spend a little today, and see what happens 6 months from then.


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