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BP Consequences for Gulf Oil Spill

By lars2923 On June 10, 2010 Under Artificial Reefs, Events, Reefs, Reports

What do you think?
What should be the consequences for the catasptrophe occuring off our shores for BP and
US Government?

Is a companies profits (Mngt bonus’) to come at the cost of our planet and its citizens? Should non stockholder of BP be made to pay for their mistakes of saving a buck to make a ton of bucks for BP, its stockholders? Who is BP being responsible to? Of course they’ll say, the stock holders. The shorting of processes came to save a buck and make even more $$’s just increase profits benefiting shareholders and management. Where did all that shortcuts get the rest of the world, especially all citizen directly affected by the spill? Did BP really make a profit from this catastrophic mess? Now, where did the spill get them and us?

Is paying back say $20, $30, -> $50 Billion enough to cover the difference between what
things cost BEFORE the Spill and After the Spill. Ask the folks in Central East Coast of the US who now have to reduce or restrict importing sea goods either because the cost of aqcuiring those good have gone up so high it has burdened the buyers, which of course gets pushed down to the consumer. Local prices go up because demand goes up. If for example crab has to be fished in local areas to make up for what is not being shipped from the gulf, what does that do for the ecology and economy in that local area?

My thoughts… All profit from this well should be given back to the people affected by this catasptrophe.

I want to hear your thoughts. How much is enough? How much should BP pay and what should they be responsible for?

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